St Boniface RC Primary School

One who does good

Years 5 and 6 (S, T and W)


Mixed Year groups at St Boniface:

Our Teachers have their class of children for two years in a row and this enables them to get to know the children really well – this leads to planning for exactly what that child needs. Nurturing aspect.
Making friends in year above and below helps the community feel of school and children are not intimidated by older children. Our St Boniface family.
Opportunities for younger children to be buddied up with a confident older child in their class. Mentoring skills for older, peer support for younger. Cooperation.
Summer born children are not youngest in class consistently – they get to be more experienced older children every other year. Raising attainment and self esteem for summer born.
Younger children are stretched by being exposed to curriculum content for older students. Students who found topics/concepts challenging can be supported when revisiting them the following year by a teacher that knows their gaps. Targeted support.
Older children know routines and expectations and model these for younger. Setting a good example.
Children mixing with more children means they are more sociable – friendship opportunities
All children at St Boniface are taught by outstanding teachers who teach what each child needs to learn, supporting children when they need extra help and challenging those who are already confident to take their knowledge and understanding to a greater depth.