St Boniface RC Primary School

One who does good

Thrive - in partnership with WHS

St Boniface RC Primary are lucky to have been selected as one of the Primary schools that Wimbledon High School partner with for their Thrive, Strive and Shine program.

Thrive – Year 6
All Year 6 children take part in visiting WHS and the THRIVE program. Half go in Autumn term and then the other half go in the Spring term.
The THRIVE programme this year has welcomed 150 pupils, from across 5 state primary schools to work alongside the WHS Year 6 students, on a weekly basis for a period of 16 weeks. During this time, they are mentored by a Year 11 or Year 12 student. This course is designed to inspire, build self-confidence, self-efficacy, self-esteem and develop further understanding of citizenship to support the transition from Year 6 into secondary school. This has been delivered this year through the medium of Drama, Art and Music.

Strive – Year 5
A group of Year 5 children attend STRIVE @ WHS every Thursday afternoon for a term.
This is a programme based on a carousel of Coding, Maths, English and Science and is delivered to Year 5 students from four partner schools.
Each student has a 1:1 mentor who guides them through the work the specialist member of WHS staff is delivering.
The course is 13 weeks long, has four WHS staff and 32 girls working on it.

Shine – Year 4
A small group of Year 4 children attend SHINE @ WHS every Saturday for a term.
It is an opportunity for them to find their untapped potential through lots of fun activities:
- They'll take a trip to Mars using VR
- Learn how to survive in space
- Coding micro:bits
- Creating their own cosmic products to take home.