St Boniface RC Primary School

One who does good

Section 48 Inspection Report

Our most recent Section 48 Inspection rated St Boniface RC Primary as Outstanding.
Like other state schools, faith schools are inspected regularly by Ofsted. Most are also inspected by a religious body, with the inspection focusing in particular on the impact of the school’s faith ethos.

As a Catholic School we are routinely inspected by the Catholic Diocese of Southwark – this is known as a Section 48 Inspection.

Section 48 - March 2018 - Oustanding

St Boniface Denominational Inspection Report S48 March 2018

“St Boniface Catholic Primary School is an outstanding Catholic school because:
•St Boniface School is a caring community providing a high standard of education for its pupils in an attractive and beautifully kept learning environment. The school’s Catholic identity is strong and its mission statement underpins all school policy and practice. Parents and carers are welcomed into the school community as partners in the education of their children. They are very supportive of the school and value the Catholic education it offers. Leaders and managers are committed to the Church’s mission in education and dedicated to their service to the school.
•The school has a rich and vibrant Catholic life. It celebrates the feasts and seasons of the Church and Catholicity permeates all areas of the curriculum. It is reflected in the inclusive nature of the school and in the excellent relationships between members of the school community. Pupils are proud of their school and are responsible members of it. Their behaviour is exemplary, showing consideration and courtesy both in the classroom and around the school.
•High quality teaching and learning in Religious Education ensures that all groups of pupils make good progress and achieve well. Pupils enjoy their Religious Education lessons and take a pride in their work. Interesting activities and visits enrich and enhance the Religious Education curriculum. Religious Education is very effectively led and managed and is at the heart of the school curriculum.
•The school’s Collective Worship and prayer life is outstanding. Prayer and worship opportunities reflect the liturgical year and provide many occasions for the school to celebrate as a worshipping community. These occasions are highlights of the school year for parents and pupils. Prayer forms an integral part of the school day and school life.”