St Boniface RC Primary School

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Medication and Sickness


If your child has had Diarrhoea or vomited, we ask you keep them home until 48 hours from their last episode.  This is the recommended guideline to ensure that the bugs are not passed onto classmates.

Please call or email the Office every day if your child is off ill, unless recovering from a medical procedure and you have been able to let us know their return date.  The office appreciate this as it saves staff needing to contact families to ensure that the children are safe and well.
If you have hospital appointments, please bring the confirmation letter to the Office so we can make a copy (or send a text screenshot). 



All Medication must come via the school office.   A medical form will need to be completed and we can only administer medication that has been prescribed for the child, by the child's GP.  It must have their name on the bottle.

Medication at school

The school is only able to administer when the medication has been prescribed to be taken 4 times a day (within the 24 hour period).  To do this, we need you to complete the school medical form at the office and they will then be able to receive the medication.

The only exception would be if your child attends After School Provision (ASP), and your medication is prescribed 3 times a day (within the 24 hour period).  Only then can the school arrange for your child to be given their medication, after ASP snack time. You must complete the school medical form at the office and they will then pass the medication onto the ASP staff.

The form above will be what the Office asks you to complete.  You can print in advance or collect on the day.