St Boniface RC Primary School

One who does good

Our Staff

Senior Leadership Team

Headteacher - Mrs L Platts
Deputy Head - Mrs L Whitwell       

Teaching Staff

Top Corridor 
Class W   -   Ms Caswell & Miss O'Donnell - Year 5
Class S   -   Mr A O'Connor - Year 5&6
Class T   -  Miss N Iqbal - Year 6

Top corridor Teaching Assistants - Mrs L Rainsford and Ms M Osman. 

Middle Corridor 
Class B   -   Mrs L Vassell - Year 3
Class O   -   Mr C Robinson - Year 3&4
Class N   -   Mrs F Lynch - Year 4

Middle corridor Teaching Assistants - Mrs S Hernandez and Mrs S Corrigan.

Bottom Corridor
Class A   -   Mrs A Medina - Year 1
Class E   -   Mrs Z Hunt and Mrs Maybanks _ Year 1&2
Class C   -   Mrs C Middleton - Year 2

Bottom corridor Teaching Assistants - Mrs V Mackiewicz, Mrs L Chrobak and Mrs D Zubrzycka.

Early Years (Nursery and Reception)

Rainbow Reception -  Miss T Monaghan and Teaching Assistant Mrs F Clark.
Sunshine Reception  - Mrs A Moloney and Teaching Assistant Miss M Bolter.
Nursery  - Mrs P Collins and Teaching Assistants Mrs G Budek and Mrs B Skrzypczyk.
Nursery Nurses
- Mrs P Keeling & Mrs T Dal Santo

Miss Teague, and Mrs L Brownlee are all currently on maternity leave.

Inclusion Managers (SEND co-ordinators)

Mrs J Singh and Mrs A Gordon

Support Staff and One to One staff

Mrs Barone, Mrs G Power, Mrs N Brown,  Mrs D Panasowiec, Mrs K Coyle, Miss C Hembry, Mrs F Dowlah, Mrs K Rowland, Mrs J Villar, Mr E Roberts, Ms J van Hasselt

Adminstration Staff

School Business Manager - Mrs M Moss 
Office Manager - Mrs N Stapleton
Premises Officer - Mr S Bianconi 
Office Receptionist - Ms C Obe
Office Administrators - Mrs S Herbert & Ms J Cope 

Meal Supervisors

Mrs J Xavier, Ms C Henson

updated 1/9/2022