St Boniface RC Primary School

St Boniface RC Primary School

St Boniface is a Roman Catholic Primary School in the heart of Tooting. We are a happy and successful school, committed to providing the highest quality of education possible within a strong Catholic ethos. We value good manners, respect for others and hard work. We want our children to leave our school with high standards of English and maths – able to contribute to society as good and responsible citizens who are proud of their Catholic faith.

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Music at St Boniface..................................... 

St Boniface values the importance of music in children’s everyday lives. The children are given countless opportunities to develop their creative and performance skills throughout their time at the school. We promote appreciation of all music as well as its cultural and historical importance through learning such as the ‘Composer of the Fortnight’. Each fortnight, the whole school is introduced to a composer and a composition by that composer. Through this, they practise their music listening skills as well as learning the historical context of the music and the composer.

Music is taught weekly and children from Year 1-6 receive specialist music teaching during the year. They learn the important musical skills of composition, singing, listening and appreciation.

As well as classroom teaching of music, the school provides a huge array of opportunities for the children to expand their musical skills. The whole school takes part in the school’s much-anticipated carol concert. Each phase learn 2 or more beautiful carols to perform in front of a large audience.

As well as the phases, the school’s choir learn a carol to perform. The choir holds rehearsals every Friday morning at 8am for Key Stage 2 and is free to join. They learn a variety of challenging songs that involves harmonies and they get to develop different vocal skills. The choir also gets invited to sing with other schools for the Catholic Choirs Concert in the Spring term and it is a wonderful performance opportunity for them.

Children in Year 3 take part in the singing project held by Wandsworth Music. They learn a variety of different songs in the Autumn Term and this leads up to a final performance, where the children perform to a large audience with lots of other schools.

The children in Year 4 also have the opportunity to learn a brass instrument taught by Wandsworth Music. Throughout the year they have lessons as a group and perform to the school in a series of mini-concerts. At the end of the year, the children are given a choice whether to continue learning their instruments and form the school’s brass band. The brass band get to perform at the school’s carol concert and also get invited to perform at the prestigious Mayor’s Gala Concert.

We are so fortunate as well to have been awarded our Music Mark for our high-quality commitment to music education. It is an amazing sign of recognition for the fantastic music teaching that happens at St Boniface.



Wandsworth Music are offering the opportunity for your child to study a musical instrument in school with one of our expert tutors from September 2020.  Playing a musical instrument builds confidence, makes children smarter and above all, it’s fun! There are so many benefits for your child so what are you waiting for?

Lessons can be taken in either an individual or group setting and will last 30 minutes. To discover which instruments are available in your school, as well as the costs involved, click apply.

Click HERE for music lessons with Wandsworth Music.

Click here for top tips for music at home.

'Sing Up' has a song of the week each week that provides backing tracks for children to sing along to as well as lots of other songs for children to learn with Makaton for Early Years through to Key Stage 4. You can access this here.


Our composer of the fortnight is:

Aaron Copland

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Richard Wagner

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George Bizet

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Edvard Grieg

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Smetana was a Czech composer of the Romantic period. He was considered the father of Czech music. In his later life he was almost completely deaf but still managed to keep composing. He was most known for championing Czech opera (a genre dominated mainly by the Italians). 

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John William

A famous film composer for films scores such as Star Wars, Jurassic Park, E.T. and lots lots more! The word score is a key word here- it is another word for whole orchestral work. 

Our piece this week is the flying scene from ET. 
Film music is a fantastic opportunity for children to really listen to the music and describe what they think might be happening in the film. It is easier as the music has been composed for a specific purpose such as fast speedy music for a car chase.
Our piece this fortnight is a great opportunity to practise children's music listening skills. The pitch of the music is high representing them flying high, as well as fluttering flutes in the background. Those children who know Peter and the Wolf well will know the flute usually represents birds in music so their presence here can represent them flying high with the birds. 
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John Williams | Wookieepedia | Fandom


Pyotr TchaikovskySee the source image


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