St Boniface RC Primary School

One who does good


As part of our enrichment programme all children across the school from Nursery through to Year 6 are taught drama by a professional Bigfoot Arts Education facilitator on Thursdays and Fridays.

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These lessons are designed to develop soft skills such as communication, teamwork and creative problem solving as well as creating a space for celebrating imagination!

Children begin their drama education in Early Years by bringing to life stories, singing and dancing and whole class guided adventures- using character and role play to encourage empathy as well as creative thinking. As children progress through the school they explore a range of different drama styles and techniques, from building characters and improvisation to puppetry and physical theatre.

Every lesson brings different challenges and creative stimuli to the class whilst building their confidence both on and off the stage. 

Our Enrichment fund donations ensure the children have a specialist Drama teacher, teaching them for their classes.