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Advent - the travelling wreath 2022

Advent marks the start of the church year and this December we will be focusing on the Advent wreath. The wreath’s circle shape symbolises that God has no beginning or end and the evergreen leaves represent God’s everlasting love for us Look out for our travelling advent wreath; it might be coming to your home, starting on Monday 28th November.

Every day during Advent a child will bring home the 'Advent Wreath bag' containing a small wreath, a prayer book and a candle. It is an ideal opportunity for families to spend time reflecting on the preparing for the birth of Jesus Christ and spending some quiet time together. Then children are invited to write a short prayer in the book.

Advent - the travelling wreath 2022

 Many families have seen this from Nursery, with the travelling Nativity and will know how much joy the children get from reading their classmates prayers.

The bag must be returned the next day, so the child can share their prayer and then another family gets the chance to carry on the prayer book. Every class has a travelling Advent Wreath.

If you so wish, you can sign up for the free short reflection brought to you each day of Advent:
Advent can be such a busy demanding time, but we encourage you to make some space to reflect and pray this advent. Sign up for our free Southwark Diocesan ‘daily advent reflections’ to aid your prayer. Every day during advent you will receive an email with a very brief thought for the day based on the daily reading.

It is an opportunity to listen to Gods invitation to you this advent. All you have to do is sign up and then set aside a couple of minutes each day to reflect!

Sign up via the Commission web site: clicking on the Advent Reflection box.