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Nursery spaces still available for September 2021.

Nursery Admissions

St Boniface Nursery is a friendly, fun environment that welcomes children aged 3 and over.  Our St Boniface staff do find that children who have been at our school Nursery often benefit in their transition into our Reception classes as they know the teachers, play areas and support staff.

All 3 and 4 year olds are entitled to 15 free hours a week, which constitutes a part-time place.  We have morning or afternoon part time spaces and full time (30 hour) places available.  We encourage EVERYONE to apply and preference will be given to practicing Catholic families, as per our Admissions criteria.

St Boniface RC Primary have wraparound care with Breakfast and After school clubs, subject to availability and demand in conjunction with the main school. If you are interested, please make sure you mention this on your application form.

We are booking parents on small group tours, please call our school Office.

Please return this form to our school office by 31 May 2021.  Paper copies available at the school.  Please bring your child's birth and baptism certificates so we can take copies.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How can I get a full time (30 hour) space?  Please visit for more information on childcare funding and DERN (Department of Education Reference Number) codes.  We try to balance helping full time working families with space while also allowing part time children to experience our lovely Nursery environment ahead of joining us for Reception.

You must apply for your 30 hour DERN code BEFORE the term starts.  If you apply once the term has started, they will not give you funding until the following term and if you would like your child to do the 30 hours full time during the week we may need to ask you to pay the top-up fee in cash until the following term funding starts.

The additional funding of 15 hours equates to £16.65 per session for 2021/2022 (approx £83.25 per week term time).

St Boniface is only able to offer me part time space, but I have a 30hour DERN code, can I still use the other 15 hours elsewhere?  Yes, parents can split their code between two settings.  St Boniface will receive the Universal funding and you must be clear to the other childcare provider that they receive the 15hrs extra coded funds.

Is a part time morning or afternoon space best?  It is personal preference.  Many local playgroups and clubs operate in the morning, so some parents prefer to take advantage and apply for an afternoon space.  Some parents have siblings attending the school and prefer a morning space.

Do I need to get the Priest to sign my form?  St Boniface encourages everyone to apply as application numbers are different every year.    We  then apply the admissions criteria for all application forms.  Having your parish priest sign your form can help the Governing board rank your application, along with including your Baptism and Birth certificates. 

During COVID-19 times, we suggest parents contact their parish office to ask if their parish have attendance procedures in place, especially ahead of getting Reception applications signed.

Do you have January spaces?  Our Nursery has a September intake, in line with our school term timetable, but we will take children in the January and April terms if we have the space.  Please call the Office to ask.

St Boniface is proud that its Y6 leavers secure places at a range of outstanding secondary schools in Wandsworth and nearby Merton and Sutton. We love to hear from our former pupils about what they have achieved on the next stage of their educational journey.  Our alumni historically attend:

Catholic Schools:
• Ursuline High School (Girls)
• Wimbledon High school (Boys)
• St Philomena’s Catholic High School for Girls
• The London Oratory School (Boys)
• Richard Challoner (Boys)
• Bishop Thomas Grant School (Mixed)
• St John Bosco College (Mixed)
• The Cardinal Vaughn Memorial School (Boys)
• The John Fisher School (Boys)

Local, grammar and selective schools:
• Graveney School
• Harris Academy Clapham
• Chestnut Grove Academy
• Ernest Bevin College
• Wallington High School for Girls
• Wilson’s School
• James Allen's Girls' School
• Whitgift